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Nobody likes a dirty oven. But nobody likes cleaning them either. It's one of those jobs we tend to put off, hoping (magically) that it'll resolve itself, or that someone else will do it for us. Well that someone else is Clean Care Solutions. For less than you'd think, Clean Care Solutions will come to your home and treat your oven to an all-over, inside out, deep-down professional clean. Best of all, there's no mess, no fumes and no toxic residue. All Clean Care Solutions products are 100% safe and environmentally friendly.


Prices include GST and travel within Christchurch. Price dependent on size and level of contamination.

Single Wall Oven


One and a half


Double Wall Oven


Stand Alone Oven
(including warmer drawer)

Stand alone double oven
$180 - $250

Range Oven 900mm
(including hob)

Commercial Oven


Range Hood
(when done with an oven)