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Patrick Greig, Director

Clean Care Solutions is one of the best commercial cleaning services being provided for commercial sites and homes in Christchurch. 100% Kiwi owned and operated, CCS is reliable, professional and strives for excellence. The team is well-trained and certified for providing excellent cleaning services in the best possible manner. Patrick Greig owner, operator of Clean Care Solutions has 15 years of experience in this sector.

We have an edge over the other cleaning services being provided in Christchurch since we are quite professional about the way we work and are extremely careful in providing hygienic services to our clients. The main attraction of the cleaning services which we provide lies in the cleaning accessories that we use on our sites. We mainly use two different types of clothes for cleaning namely Color Cloth and the Market Fiber. The color cloth is used for the initial cleaning and the market fiber for the final cleaning and finishing. This method gives an extra finishing touch to the cleaning provided along with great regimen.

We use colored cloth for the first round of cleaning. Each color has been assigned to a specific unit like the toilets are cleaned using red color cloth, yellow is used for kitchens, the bathrooms are wiped using blue, the green color is exclusively for mirrors. The windows being delicate are cleaned using nappies. Ovens have a lot of residue in them so they are wiped using use and throw towels. All the colored cloth once used are cleaned and sanitized before being reused. This ensures that the cloth is germ-free and ready to be used again.

Once the entire place has been cleaned using colored cloth, the final finishing is done using high-grade market fiber cloth which makes the service flawless and keeps it a notch higher than the others. The use of two different types of cloth is our trademark and we can guarantee that this level of professionalism and service is just being offered by Clean Care Solutions and nobody else.

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Prices are equal to or lower than the price a service provider offers if you book them directly.

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